Take Me Out To The Ball Game
by Lucas Restivo

“...Growing older means appreciating baseball
and every hairstyle on the frustratingly slow green line...”

Mouth Twice of Two Moons
by Jairo Dealba

“...Mouth twice of two moons
Perhaps beating each other
Perhaps at all not

Does Anyone Still Wear A Hat?
by Montana Thomas

“...If you can’t talk about fashion I guess you have to sit in soup all day thinking about how it
to be born.....”

I Can’t Say I’d Recommend Camping
by Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

“...and the gear shift is freaking as the sunset
calmly lays its heavyweight body on top of us
smushing us firm in our spot we said ok
here I guess.

Leo x Leo
by Lily Lady Cook

“...Home team
Losing streak
Two weeks
Wet dreams

Shark Eyes Roll Into The Back of Their Heads When They Eat
by Christian Michael Filardo

“...I try to describe the pyramids to a blind man
It’s somewhere between a landmark and a shape
When I arrive in the city the sky opens up
Shark week is the perfect time of year to move...”

by Danny Turek

hug & then i cry
for her because in
dreams you cry for
each other

by Ross K Ledda

“...and continue to trudge
through all that holds you from absolution
leaving your vindictive strife behind....”

by Scarlett Olsen

“...When winter was warm in the Arizona
land he was angry with the sun, because
his son had seen pictures
  Of snow...”

by Emilie Plunkett

“...as far as the eye can see our children are rabid
and distrust the moon
I guess solitude can be found in the mountain
but I much prefer the ditch...”

hope you enjoyed the long wknd
or, come home now sasha
by Alex Gudding

“...the fruit of the past four days lies feasted-on
rest bestie, each year they do grow back
time turning them in its deliberate way

by Clementine Morse

“...that rests under her splayed legs
bruised from boyishness
awashed in her sunroom.
She offers to fix
my scuttled tatters instead

Cupping My Face in Your Hands
by Jas Tyra

“...I feel a little stick-figure-drawing, tiptoeing
       from one side of the scale to the other,
Laughing, contentedly, as he tries to rein it all in.