Mouth Twice of Two Moons
by Jairo Dealba

Mouth twice of two moons
Perhaps beating each other
Perhaps at all not

Dreaming within waters cracked
Wherein men are crushing
Drinking water alone
With winds and breasts of wine

Mouthless belly of trees
Flowering perhaps
Perhaps flayed for naught
Across the hummingbird’s eye
Bursting into abandon

Maybe dreams of rain
Garden of hands crumbling
To sit next to the sun

Theater of mountains
Brow that screams smeared
For the mouth of this eclipse
Taller than an ideal nail

Broken knife of a whisper
Incantations worn in a cold bed
Where swirling lakes are dust
And this mouth is the tomb
Of chanted litanies of ash

he was born in Madrid Spain, an avid reader, a surrealist, an activist, and believer in the freedoms of the people. living unfortunately in Utah.