by Danny Turek

a dream as it was
or as it might have
been i have a dream
every other month
it drifts thru the
window i leave open
always later than i think
it will come it comes
i read it back &
scratch my head my head
has only a little liquid
slooshing around my bones
get a sip & my ribs
& my heart isnt as much
as my liver which is
all tears & all cartilaginous
& all sobbing & all
ranting & raving & all
that’s in the dream is
a weirdly small room with
a yet undetermined
amount of family members
& my grandma who has
since left whatever is
going on outside of dreams
& we hug & then her
bones crack & she
laughs about eternally
growing old & then we
hug & then i cry
for her because in
dreams you cry for
each other

Danny Turek is a silly little man writing his silly little poems. He is presently working at the COVID-19 Testing Center at Northwestern University. If you like, come and say hi.