Does Anyone Still Wear A Hat?
by Montana Thomas

Nodding to this very cool song,
like agreeing with a chic ceiling about gun violence.

The very question itself turns New York to ruins.

If you can’t talk about fashion I guess you have to sit in soup all day thinking about how it
to be born.
Thank the internet for this deep and firm and white couch, letting my weight mean nothing.
of watching non-humans get pregnant — not as funny as remembered. 
Since I don’t drive I usually just sit and remember things in cars.
I’ve always wanted to swerve a deer.

It’s important to build things,
when you can’t build things your eyes will well up,
Hi Folks,
    Thank you all so much. I’d like to start by thanking Scentbird, I never knew fragrances could be part of such an easy and fun experience. I would also like to thank vaccines; vaccines are very important. I think it is also important to include iced tea, both sweetened and unsweetened, both are super, so thank you to them! See below my list of reasons why we should all be frying a lot less and steaming a whole lot more. Thanks, folks!

Thank you!


Montana Thomas is a poet and artist based in NYC.