by Sophia Leenay

an unpleasant sensation
has always been steam in my face
and permanently wet hands
say, from washing dishes
and when your hair isn’t tied back
the strands fall into your eyes,
cheeks, and mouth
your heart races because your brain can
only focus on the next thing
and pushing through the task.
while others love their lives,
or so they say and seem to.
reminds me of when i would
work the dish room at the pizza place.
even hotter industrial steam,
burning my hands on flat forks and spoons.
but it was quiet. no customers.
and i could keep a plastic cup of orange soda.
hot steam bright citrus cold sugar

Sophia Leenay is a poet and public health professional. She holds a BA from the University of Minnesota in French Studies and a MPH from Columbia University. She is a pharmaceutical copywriter and she is currently working on a literary zine for poems about health insurance. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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