by ky lohrenz

i mistake a urinal cake for a cock &
stroke until it’s his. he pets heavy,
has ease in the men's room. which is
to conquer. which is to know everything
can kill– nail clippers, cotton balls, myself.
there’s a deer head above an empty tub,
a house mouse & cigarettes inside.
god they all look so cool. god, i’m tired
of my friends. of sitting in patchy-grassed parks
archiving & unarchiving posts, buying ginger cokes
& vaping at gay bars. the truth is i spent years here
losing shoe soles & using too much tongue. back now,
an adult caressing the shamrock tattoo on a graduate’s chest
as if it’s mine. as if today’s not too short to blow
on a three-leaf clover. how stupid
a mistake. how permanent.

Ky Lohrenz is a transmasc writer from Houston based in Brooklyn. Their poems have appeared in Peach Mag, Ghost City Press, & Streetcake Magazine, among others.