night moves
by Patrick Thornton

you say you only do it
with your socks on
some things need to be kept
i am good at keeping
secrets like your body
in my hands tight
against your jeans you say
it’s just like
when he does it

the heaving when I see car lights
go out behind the barn
maybe I’m not so good at keeping
maybe I mean hiding
like when you ask about
the crying after
that’s just how my eyes are
save them for the brown shower
where i keep things i can’t

one night we slip
up lights are bright
in the barn a cop calls
you in your socks
you watch the lights flash
red and blue red and blue
i am somewhere hiding
i mean keeping
the horses always watch 

Patrick Evan Thornton is a writer and editor living in Chicago, and holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia College Chicago. Patrick's current interests include astrology, tarot, and inky pens.