for what reason should i break?
by Drenusha

This feels like a bike ride going down a hill,
Dangerously and viciously swinging left to right and leaping
Over small rocks that could trick a rider
for a boulder-

Because high, do I soar,
And rough, do I land.

Somehow, it feels like I am dying, and somehow
Both alive at the same time;
Why should I brake if I can go on forever?
Tell me one good reason to stop this ride
When it all feels so good?

I want to feel it all,
All the cracks and jumps and tumbles and squeals
All of the brief moments of clarity

Give it to me on this ride, baby,
Give me all you got.
Yes, it is true that life and death both are meaningless things,
But that doesn’t mean that I want to have one.

And if I descend into madness,
So what?
At least I rode down the hill a beautiful and
Dauntless soul

Drenusha (or Ren) is a writer who currently lives in South Korea. She likes to explore surreal, liminal, and dissonant topics in her works. She is 23 years old.