Remi Hirschtick 


From the author: “For my capstone project, I wanted to create a book of my collective poetry from the past few years, centering around themes of gender identity, love, dating, family, and the presence of past trauma in present relationships. The titular poem, “Cowlicks”, ties these themes together, exploring my shaved head as a gendered connection to my brothers, a site of intimacy, and a formative part of shaping my queer identity. The title comes in part from Cowlick Brooklyn, a queer-owned and centered barbershop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where I get my hair cut.”

Remi Hirschtick is an artist, writer and party-thrower based in Brooklyn NY. Remi curates and hosts “Drafts on Tap”, a monthly reading and performance series for artists who write at Cafe Erzulie in Bushwick. They are the head of events and programming for Lesbian Bookstore, a queer mobile bookstore based at The Baumann in Williamsburg. They work part-time as a metal and wood fabricator at a studio in Flushing, Queens.