by Marshall Woodward

i shave my head and give myself the gift of looking monkish
eat three lunch specials at a neon-lit thai diner
and remember nothing
is mine to devour
i am bloated and hairless

punctuation and pause
soft rules of a contract that is in fact not for me this gives me life
knowing others have followed the rules for me

i am convinced that the world is passing through
my short hair my knotted bowels
echoes of pollution and flower girls and screams of war n peace n fun
i feel so heavy so light knowing i can be wrong and right in one breath

all gorgeous dregs of life
indigestion of plenty
i love you i love this
i hear my voice for the

born in New Orleans, Marshall Woodward is the editor of the new satire publication, Cultural Fan Fiction. He is grateful for the support and wisdom he received from his mentors at the Gulkistan Creative Residency in Laugarvatn Iceland, and to Elaine Kahn, Ben Fama and Emily Hunt for the access they provide for digital poetry communities.