You Open Me
by Jeff Stonic

you open me                       present

tense            I grip glass jars tighter

over asphalt than grass or was that

sod    I’m tired     but   my breath is

precious      petrichor      I smell the

rain you fell through  to land before

me                      I only pray for sun

after counting my monthly spending on cigarettes I found a pack unopened on the gas
station pavement I never knew marlboros could make a case for the existence of god

vows are cover songs     of prayers

answered          and I will answer to

yours before god or sod my golden

rod  if I fall first leave my eyes open

creators appear   to close the show

Jeff Stonic
is a multi-form artist living and creating in Denver, CO. A graduate of Butler University's creative writing program, his standup comedy takes him to perform across the country and locally with the renowned show: "The Bi-Agenda." He appears in the upcoming Netflix original series: "How to Build a Sex Room."