Vanilla Coke
by Shelby Hartness

Today i want to leave your bed
I’m craving myself

I iron out my left

Have you                                         I arch my back                       
    seen                                             at the thought
  what a          
                                             of it
diamond                                         pressing
looks like                                        play
under hot
   metal?                                           porn                           

Watching me get myself                    

     A girl stands                                     I hold her hand
beside me carrying                             there is a quiet
   yellow flowers.                            in the background.

My toes



         the edge

         of the ocean


a balance beam.


Shelby Hartness is a writer and poet based in Northern California. Her writing appears in The Skirt Chronicles, Wonder Press, Des pair Quarterly, passerby, and D Magazine, among others. She is a MFA candidate in Poetry at St. Mary's College of California.