Mornings After
by Ross Calabro

You’re barely awake
The rising sun is caressing happy skin
Skin that made you breakfast and is filled with joy
just to see you smile.
Smelling of floral perfume in these sheets that are lit in the shape of a window-pane
And lips know you like your coffee with nothing but half a pack of sugar in the raw, you taste it on me
And legs that cross in a way to say i love you
My body warm, pressing creases into the linen as you watch my skin sing to the touch of your hands
That skin becomes the sun that makes you whole

Ross Calabro (he/him) is a 20 year old undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ross aims to craft poetry that articulates his romantic experiences as an trans autistic person. Oftentimes he does not directly state he is autistic or trans directly in his work, but shows his unique perspective on romance that anyone can grasp through vivid and universally relatable descriptions.