Love Poem or
Poem I Wrote for Love

by Kathleen Michele

Love calls from Mexico City and says they miss me
Love listens when I say that I’ve given up on finding a “””purpose”””

Love wants to know if I wrote anything good today
        I tell Love no
        and send a picture of my tits
Love likes that

Love comes to my sisters wedding
Love doesn’t mind that I black out before the ceremony
Love covers their ears when I throw up gin and beef jerky
        (because I asked them to)

Love lends me their camera
        (thank you)
Love was a vegan but now is no longer and
Love is down to eat burgers now
Love will also never tell me no when
        I suggest coffee at night
Love stays up just as late as I do
Love has woken up before me in the morning only once

Love reads my bad poetry
Love keeps every note I’ve ever written
Love carries one of my notes in their wallet
        I ask Love what it says and they tell me
        I wrote something about how its criminal to
        be upset when Come On Eileen is playing
        (it is)

Love lives down the street
Love cuts their own hair
Love likes it when I cut mine
Love calls me that name I like
        and now we both like it

Love had braces and
Love has perfect teeth on top
        but I tell Love I like their bottom teeth best

Love keeps their eyes open when they kiss
I’ve told Love that’s crazy
Love still does it anyway

Kathleen Michele is a prose writer cosplaying as a poet in iPhone notes. She wishes she was a person who sent handwritten letters in the mail but is easily overwhelmed by the postal system. She lives in Brooklyn with a cat named Mose.