by Patch One

hypothetically I'm asking for help not a cry for walls or the changed hue
upon it the paint for example blue again I'm used to it the tiniest
violin plays on & on drove past a kid who was on the verge of getting in trouble
wide-eyed made contact w/ my eyes as his dad stormed across the lawn how long
does a bell's ring remain harshened back to yesterday triggered on the sickly sea
shore flattens a mansion's door snicks "open" is a word with a portal in it and "door" has two
partial portals cancelled out by a serpent like a book in a bag of water it doesn't work out a wetter
blanket than I am surrounded by cell phones but plz don't call cuz I'm doing a 5 minute youtube
stretch routine sponsored by bowflex spying on the maintenance guy "hands play
america the beautiful using all white keys" and it's too arduous n windy outside for all the stuff
buys us to offset the pain of first frost's attack on the porched plants a deep bin of crazy
busy takes on a new meaning when my dad asks me to camp with him it ain't in the cards
Bob mostly cuz I gotta work & I'm scared & we both know whenever the gods get you
outta somewhere they don't want you to look back

Patch lives is a "Maine"-based freaker who is interested in potentially being your friend someday down the line. They spend a lot of time on youtube watching vids of 90s death metal bands playing live. Also, they love birds.