by Jessica Focht

We forgot to water our succulents
when our home was full of guests
and our calendars were inked with pen.
Now we forget for other reasons
like our minds being imprisoned
by too much grey and not enough color.
The garden path has become cold and damp
and after buying all these plants
I want to know what happens to the fern in the winter?
I read somewhere that they don’t actually die
they just lose their green
and need extra warmth.
So I guess we’re ferns,
always searching for the color.

Jess Focht is a writer, photographer, and content creator living in Brooklyn by way of Memphis. She works in book marketing during the day and scribbles poems, short stories, and essays by night. In her free time she enjoys trying new hot sauces, listening to Indie Folk music, and walking her pug Hamlet in Prospect Park.

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