Fuck God he/him for heartbreak
Thank God she/her for Joni Mitchell

by Liam Pitts

I thought about you every day last winter
And I became the snow piled up on the pavement.
I made a nest of tea bags and coffee filters in the naked branches of a tree because
The furnace in my room was too hot.
I’m burned just by the thought of someone else’s warmth.

I can’t remember who I slept with,
hardly anyone but surely no one remarkable.
I love sex when it’s snowing out because it’s like you’re in a cloud.
I’m not crying over you
I’m only crying over the passage of time, and because the zipper is broken on my favorite jacket.
The one that when I wear it, it makes me feel like I’m in bed all day.

If I were the wind I would blow over the Atlantic
And go somewhere where I’m alone but not lonely.
Do birds that migrate feel like they’re always being chased by the cold?
City Pigeons are just like the people. They mind their business, but they follow each other, And they stand as close to the platform edge as they want to, And they’re not so bad.

I woke up on the train home and thought I was on the train to work. When I realized I was going home It was the happiest I’ve felt in so long.
I wish I had a river up to the sun. Past the clouds of angel hair. And the only poems I write are haikus to you.

Liam's an artist and musician from Tucson AZ and living in Brooklyn. He hosts an bi-monthly knitting club with friends and anyone interested (this is a plug, checkout his instagram for deets) Liam is a little weird but he's just like you except he's gay.