Flower hill
by Annette Covrigaru

I could get tanned in this
Dunkin’ parking lot, rub these

eyes right out the sockets,
sunbeams might singe them

shut. It’s no coincidence dearth
& death are dizygotic in nature,

& yet, abundance kills just as
shamelessly. It stormed for

three days straight, thunder bombing
the sky, & the rainwater, with nowhere

to go, drowned my budding
garden, toddler tomatoes &

cucumbers. There is only life in this
water, I mused, gazing into the backyard

from my bed, naïve & hopeful.

Annette Covrigaru is a gay, bigender american-israeli writer-photographer and author of Reality In Bloom (Ursus Americanus Press, 2020). Their prose and poetry have been supported by fellowships and residencies from Tin House, Lambda Literary and Open Mouth Poetry Retreat. They live and roller skate in Brooklyn.